Hey, i'm Eliezer & i'm...

Helping businesses have a meaningful impact on their customers' life through design

As a Digital Product Designer, I've been helping companies in different markets for 3+ years to improve their products to make their current customers happy, reach more people, and increase companies' profits.

Since my early days as a product designer, I've always wanted to continually improve a product with many exciting challenges. For that reason, I recently joined Corotos, one of the largest marketplaces on DR, to lead design efforts in order to make the life of our customers easier.

Similarly, I'm always seeking opportunities where I could share with other meaningful insights or things that I've learned. That's why I'm working on learning sources in the form of card games, Youtube videos, podcasts, and talks.

If you're curious about some of the work I've done in the past, you can check my Dribbble account. However, stay tuned, I'm working on new and cool stuff that may interest you.