Dear Designer, Don’t Be Fragile

Dec 4, 2018 · 2 min read

I want to share with you something that I've learned and helps me to move forward and improve every day.

There are a couple of things that make the difference between a bad or a good designer, and one of them is their fragility.

Many of us think our solution is the only one, and there isn’t another better, then we tend to be very defensive if someone critiques our work, and believe me, that is the first step to be a bad designer.

The good designers aren’t those who got married with their own solutions, they get married with the user’s problems.

I’ve learned that each problem has a lot of different solutions, we just have to think out of the box. One of the best ways to start thinking out of the box is to open yourself for critiques.

We should learn to detach ourselves from our work and look at the critiques as a way to be better.

Good designer seeks for critique. A bad designer runs from critique.

If someone critiques our work, it doesn’t mean we are bad designers, it means we have more reasons to continue learning, and that’s great. But honestly, we’ll be better only if we learn how to take advantage of those critiques, specifically, if those critiques are from people who are not designers.

Remember we design for the world, not for a group of expert designers, for that reason, we should take each good critique like an opportunity to become better and grow professionally.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find it useful.

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